This processing enables you to get, in stages, the information concerning the activity of an aid agency, up to the field projects. This information is displayed referred to the sole geographical criteria :

The ASP program distributes the "marble" on the maps, according to the longitude and latitude of each node of the projects tree. These coordinates are stored in a MS Access table. A response time of severals seconds is normal.
In the following process, three icons may be selected and are supposed to issue multimedia informations (in an actual context). Unfortunately, in this fictitious database, this information couldn't be gathered. But, try it !

The "marble" indicates that the aid agency handles an activity in the area. If selected, the multimedia information is supposed to be provided, referred to this precise activity.

The "documentation" would supply the whole multi-media resources concerning this stage.

The push-button "Location" (e.g. "Asia"), gives access to a more detailed stage.
In this basic data base of test, the only sequence
"Planisphere -> Asia -> SouthEast Asia" is provided with maps.